Have you ever considered why you have the best intentions to do something or to achieve a goal and it always remains just that….an intention?

Have you looked at others and said, “How on earth is she doing all the things? She has 3 kids, her own business, a day job and she seems to always look good?”

Here is the flat out truth….she has NO MORE TIME IN THE DAY THAN YOU. She is choosing to manage her time, and more importantly, her mind, in a way that you are not.

Sorry to be so blunt, but let’s be honest, who has time to read lengthy articles these days! So I am going to be to the point, but also offer up hope and some tips.

Here is what I have learned in my life and in my experience as a life coach….will power doesn’t work. Working on our minds is the secret ingredient.

What do I mean? The thoughts you are thinking daily are driving the results you have in your life right now. The thoughts of the “successful” mom you keep looking at in awe of is what drives her results.

Here are the top 5 things she is doing: 

1.) She has goals. She is being intentional in what she wants in her life. She writes these goals down often and at minimum looks at them every day.

2.) She steps into believing she will achieve these goals. How?  She knows what the kind of woman is that has achieved these goals and she works to BE that type of person (i.e., committed, disciplined, intentional).

3.) She manages her time like a pro. She PLANS her days and weeks with results in mind, not tasks and to do lists. She DOES what she plans to do, meaning she doesn’t negotiate with herself when it comes time to do them.

4.) She invests in her MIND. Podcasts, books, online courses or programs.  Perhaps she has a life coach. She invests time and money.

5.) She has accountability. With a friend, a group of like minded women, or perhaps a life or business coach. She knows that she needs to be inspired, motivated and reminded of what she wants and who she needs to be.

This is it my friends.  These are the secret sauce ingredients to why SHE has what YOU want.

If you are tired of having intentions instead of the life you want, I want to help you.  I am hosting a FREE series June 4-6 that digs into item #4 deeply – getting a hold of TIME and planning like a pro.   Join my free training here and I will send you my guide to podcasts that have changed my life as a free gift.  JOIN THE FREE TRAINING HERE

Your life is a reflection of your focus. If you want to change your life, let me help you change your focus and arm you with the tools of the successful. 



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