It’s not what you think….well, it sort of is! I am a native of Massachusetts, with thick Irish blood. Which means we are usually pretty passionate people…..especially about sports. I mean, it is part of your upbringing if you are raised in Mass.  My Nana, God bless her, knew every player on the Red Sox at all times. When she turned 86, the Red Sox finally broke their 86 year long curse. She had been a month old at the time they had won their last World Series! It was midnight and the Sox swept the Cardinals in Game 4. After I screamed on the phone with my brother and father while jumping on the couch, next call was to Nana. Whose line was busy forever because everyone was calling her!! It is in our blood. I tell you this because I am a New York transplant. Moved to NY because my husband’s family was there. It wasn’t always easy, let me tell you, for a die hard Patriots, Red Sox, Bruins and Celtics fan to live in the heart of NY.

I know you are thinking, this is a divorce blog, why all the sports talk?  Because the moment we decided we were divorcing I of course wanted to run “home.” I wanted to flee NY and go back to where I could be appreciated for my insanely passionate sports addiction!! I wanted to be back with my family, my oldest friends…..

But, that wasn’t possible. I mean, sure, I could have fought him tooth and nail and threatened with lawyers to fight to move back to Boston with the kids. But that wasn’t an option.

We had chosen to put the kids first and to co-parent them as physically close together as possible. You see, it’s not the kids’ fault you get divorced, so why should they be punished with schelping many miles apart to two homes?

It was a conscious decision thinking of the kids’ long term mental and emotional health vs my own wants and needs. Could I figure out how to be happy in New York? Of course! And I did. But could my kids (or should my kids) have to figure out how to be happy in a two home family? No. It’s not their job. It’s yours.

Go Sox!

(Sorry, couldn’t help myself… can take the girl out of Boston, but can’t take Boston out of the Girl!)

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