Hey Mama!

Last 90 days of the decade!

I have big goals by the end of the year for my business. I am writing them down daily and visualizing them happening. Which helps me take the right steps to make it happen.

This is usually where we stop. We are excited about our goals. We write them down and go all in.  And then we start to lose steam.  Maybe we haven’t seen the results we want. We haven’t lost the weight or the money hasn’t been coming in, and we give up.

We often give-up way too soon. 

We are the first person we bail on – we think it is ok – it is not. You are hurting your relationship with you.  You can’t trust yourself.

No matter what it is, weight loss, exercise or fitness, starting a side hustle, We start and then we stop.  Start and Stop.

For one thing you have trained yourself to stop.  Your reptilian part of your brain is saying – oh, ok. girl. I have seen this show one too many times and you retreat back to comfort

But we are also relying too heavily on will power.  The us we have always been is trying to achieve goals we have never achieved or maintained before.  This is the key.

You can’t be the person you have been to get different results in your life.

You have to become the person who has achieved that result, that goal.

You may be thinking – what on earth is this crazy mama talking about – I assure you this is the case.

Here is an exercise I want you to do.  I want you to write down a goal you have. A result you want in your life. Be specific.   For me, I want to hit a certain amount of income per month in my business.

Now, I want you to think about the type of woman that achieves that goal.  What are her characteristics?  How does she act?

Now, look at that list and see where you know you have been falling short.  Maybe the woman that has what you want is dedicated and committed.  And when you really look at yourself you realize you are falling short on being dedicated.  You are interested in your goal, but not committed above all else to it.

For me, the woman who has achieved the results I want is smart, dedicated to her work, joyful, wants to serve others, focused. I would then look and say, where is my gap.  In what I listed, focused is the one.  She is maniacally focused.  This is something I am working to become. I have shiny object syndrome – I have a new idea every second.  I have to become a woman who has clarity and focus in her business to get the end result vs death by a thousand cuts.

What is it for you.  Write down your goal.  Write down the characteristics of the woman who would achieve a goal like this.  Where are your gaps. Now, you know where you need to work.  You need to work on becoming a woman with that quality – for me it is focus.

Becoming super aware of this gap in identity is critical. You now know what it is you need to work on.

You write your goals

Visualize them

But also visualize yourself with all those traits

Ask yourself when you are about to watch Netflix or skip the workout just today, or eat the cookie, is this what she would do.   The SHE here is no one but you.  The SHE here is the version of you who has achieved your goal.

Get serious. Ask yourself are you interested or committed? And if you are committed – go all in.

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