haven_boutique-7354I recently launched a business…..no small feat and one I am incredibly proud of. I opened the doors to a brick and mortar boutique called Haven Boutique. I am a voracious learner and have been consuming books and podcasts on building a business and being a female entrepreneur.  It has all been incredibly valuable to building and launching Haven.

In the entrepreneurial world right now there is a major focus on mindset. Not about positive thinking, but about truly turning your thoughts into realities.  I saw it first hand in how I turned a thought, opening a boutique, into an actual physical reality.  It took CONSTANT mindset wars with myself…..”can I do this? who am I to open my own business? am I insane? what if it fails?” on and on.  But you know what? I kept propelling myself forward to the next step on the list and fighting back my own negative thoughts with ones of excitement and courage. I even changed my cell phone lock screen to my new logo and a coming soon on the bottom to actually visualize in my brain that this was indeed happening.  And I did it.  I did it scared, unsure, with some insecurities.

It has hit me that these mindset wars are not just for business but truly for anything we tackle in life.  You have seen it.  Isn’t there that person you know where everything just seems to not go well in their life? Every time you talk to them it is a little bit like talking to Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh?  And then there is that person that just seems to be so happy and everything going well in their life?  That is not by chance.  It is not luck of the draw. It is the reality that person is building around them. They are creating the life they have with their thoughts and actions.

I know you are saying, ok that makes sense, but what about something incredibly serious like cancer or another debilitating disease.  That person didn’t choose that reality.   No, of course not. But they choose how to respond to it. And isn’t that the secret to life?

I share this because all you mamas out there divorced and with kids. You have the power of your mind to decide how you want your life and that of your kids to be. You do. You can choose happiness. You can choose to not let the little things bother you. You can choose long term happiness over short term small “victories.”  Is it easy? HELL NO. Mindset wars aren’t always pretty.  You literally need to talk to yourself, assess your thoughts and change them to achieve the life you want….EVERY DAY. A fantastic podcast episode to listen to is episode 114 of the Mind Your Business Podcast with James Wedmore where he interviews Jim Fortin.  It is not about business, but life, YOUR life.  Your KIDS’ lives. Give it a listen. Be open to the idea that your thoughts can change your reality.

I have proof every time I walk into the door of Haven Boutique. A thought that became a reality, but only after continuous work within my own mind to make it happen.

Here’s to creating the life you want for you and your kids! xo, Julie

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