000_2704-2 (1)ugh – this term literally pisses me off.  How does one equate a divorced family to a “broken home?”  If a “broken home” is a home where the members of that family are not happy, dysfunctional, or worse, then I know MANY homes that are not divorced that would be a “broken home”  by that definition.

My personal opinion is that a good home (or multiple homes) are ones where kids are safe, happy and nurtured.  The mom or dad or step parents are in healthy relationships or, even better, are happy in themselves, they are personally fulfilled. Shouldn’t matter if it is a single mom, a parent that is remarried, etc,

EVERY family has ups and downs and issues they are dealing with…..whether married or divorced.

So if you ever hear, “broken home” or your child is from a “divorced family,” firmly counter that outdated sentiment and say, “actually, my child(ren) have a wonderful family and a happy home and last time I looked no one was ‘broken’!”




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