Hey mamas! Did you know that you have the key to happiness? The power to create the life you want is within YOU.

You can’t control other people or circumstances that life may bring you. But you do have total control of how you handle it.

I love the quote “The past cannot be changed, the future is yet in your power” . The past is the past, there is nothing gained from dwelling there. Focus on your future and how you want it to look.

Do the rocking chair test I recommend in this episode to see the vision you want for your life.

How do you achieve that vision? Did you know that your thoughts create your reality? Change your thoughts, you change your reality. Because thoughts create feelings, feelings create actions. What actions are you going to take today that take you closer to that vision?

Hope you enjoy this episode and if you haven’t listened to Episode 1, click here

Here is an amazing resource that my daughter created, The Top Ten Things Your Kids Want You To Know.  This is gold to help you understand what your kids will need from you to be happy in this new world for them.

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xo, Julie

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