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Hey mamas!  Hope you have enjoyed the first two episodes of the Divorced Mommy podcast!

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In this episode I share my story and journey of getting divorced and navigating co-parenting. 11 years later we have survived (so far!) and thriving. I hope you find value in it!! Here are some links to many things I mention in this episode!

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Podcast Resources

Christy Wright Business Boutique

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RISE Podcast with Rachel Hollis

Going Scared with Jessica Honegger

The Marie Forleo Podcast

Be sure to check out Episode 1 and Episode 2 of the podcast if you haven’t already!

Would you like to know what your kids want you to understand as you navigate the waters of co-parenting? Click the link below and you will get an email with a downloadable PDF that my daughter wrote, The Top 10 Things Your Child Wants You To Know Now.  It is full of gold!

Top 10 Things Your Child Wants You to Know

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