Only you can create the life you want. And more specifically your MIND is what creates the life you have and the life you want. Your mind decides to let someone else define your circumstances and happiness. It’s not actually the other person. It’s you who decides in your mind to allow them. Or to not allow them.
If there is one thing I wish I learned earlier in life it’s this! I had no idea how powerful my own mind and thoughts were in my happiness or sabotaging it. They are deceiving and sneaky because you think it’s someone or something that is making you miserable. But it’s actually your mind and thoughts allowing it to be so.
This is not easy to work through. But spending time with your thoughts, paying attention to your mind will be a game changer in your life. In some upcoming episodes of the podcast we will explore this more with some women who have chosen to change their thoughts to change their life. What are your thoughts telling you?
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