Today is a little bit of a different episode, but one I am so passionate about. The safety of the products we put on our face every day!

When I was pregnant with Cason and then breast feeding him for over two years, I really started to investigate the safety of the products I was using. I was SHOCKED when I came to understand how little our government, the FDA, does to ensure the safety of skin care and makeup products, I realized I had to take my own safety and that of my family into my hands.

Fast forward 5 years later and I have learned a lot and tried a lot.  And I want to share with you! Why? Because my mission is to help you live your best life. That is a holistic endeavor.  We have to care for our mind (we have talked a lot on this podcast about mindset and thoughts), we have to care for our bodies in terms of fitness, health, beauty and style.  How we show up in the world has a big affect on what we attract to ourselves and into our lives.

So, if you happened to listen to this real time, please join me tonight in my Facebook group Style Your Life with Julie to learn more in a live video event. If not, then watch the replay below. Either way join the Facebook group – you will love it!

Also, we will touch on another of my favorite topics and that is network marketing as a way to start a side hustle or business!

Here is the Facebook group – be sure to join! Style Your Life with Julie Facebook Group

Here are some other resources I mentioned in the episode today:

She Did It Her Way Podcast – Episode 268 that I had the pleasure of being on to share my leap from corporate to entrepreneurship!

Jessica Alba’s Book

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