Hey Mamas! oh, this is a big episode. First it is part 2 of the story I started to share in episode 25. So I would listen to that one first! I share the experience I had last week when anxiety came and hit me hard, but it was for a reason. We aren’t supposed to feel happy and amazing 100% of the time, Unfortunately we are taught to believe we are supposed to. Especially the picture “perfectness” of social media. The human experience is a mix of positive and negative emotions. You can’t have positive without negative – you need the polarity to have the experience.

So what do you do when you experience negative emotion – unfortunately we often buffer against the negative. We may eat, or have wine or binge watch Netflix, etc. But in this episode I share the concept of letting the emotion in, looking it straight in the eye, get curious and and question why it’s here.

I share strategies for how to do this and why it actually may be a blessing. My .story I share was exactly that. Once I really understood why anxiety showed up unexpectedly I was able to take massive action.

In this episode I also share for the very first time that I am launching a program in January – More than Mommy Bootcamp is coming!  a 6 week program designed to bring like minded mamas together to hit the reset button on their life and to start living with intention and purpose. The program is more than goal planning.  It will give you the tools and strategies to change your life for the long haul.  But the best part is the women that will come together to support each other in the journey .

I have a waitlist set up and I invite you to join the waitlist. When you do, you will receive in your inbox the 2019 Pre-Planning Dream Worksheet so you can do some pre-work in December ahead of the program.  I will also let you know via that waitlist when I will be scheduling a live video event to share much more about the program and to see if it is a fit for you.

I am over the moon excited about this and the opportunity to get to know and work more closely with some of you on creating the life you want and your children need!

I would love to hear what you think about today’s episode, please be so kind to leave a rating or review? It would mean the world!   xo, Julie

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