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066 | Be Big Be Brave | Interview with Laura Bagnarol

Hi Mamas! Awesome episode today with the owner and founder of Be Big Be Brave, Laura Bagnarol.  Laura is a powerhouse and definitely showing us how to be more than mommy! In 1998, Laura Bagnarol started her career in the field of victim services by providing crisis...

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065 | How to Create More Income

Hey mamas!!!  This week's episode is all about the many ways you can create additional income in your life. Listen to some of the possibilities and then I want you to do the exercise at the end. When you do, I want you to message me or email me! I want to hear what...

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062 | Part Two | The Secret to Happiness

Hey Mamas!  This is Part Two in a 3 part mini series of episodes where I share what I finally learned after thinking what most people make the mistake of thinking their whole lives: When I achieve the goal, get the job, lose 10 lbs, when the kids get older, when my...

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058 | Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Hey mamas! ENOUGH. That is how I feel right now. ENOUGH comparing myself to others. ENOUGH playing small. ENOUGH procrastination. ENOUGH beating myself up. I AM ENOUGH. I am also strong, capable, powerful and successful. This is how I want you to feel about yourself....

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056 | Lemons to Lemonade | Your Choice

Hey mamas! In this episode, I share a somewhat comical story about how our all expense paid trip to Cabo was on the brink of ruin and what we did to course correct and have a wonderful vacation. Life will always deal us circumstances we may not love.  They might even...

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055 | Boss Mom Interview with Dana Malstaff

Hey Mamas!  This is such a great episode! We laughed a lot.  I am sure you will too. I had the wonderful opportunity to be on the Boss Mom Podcast back in December of 2018 and I am thankful that she took a chance on a newbie entrepreneur to talk to her audience about...

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