Becoming Who You Want to Be Workbook


Are you worried about your kids and their happiness? Are you constantly wondering what the next chapter of your life will look like after divorce? Do you want to create the life you want and your kids need? This is the workbook for you. I have consolidated my coaching into a do it yourself (DIY) workbook for you to download, print and begin to work on your next chapter and beyond!


Are you worried if your kids will be ok? Are you struggling to find your way in this new life post divorce? Do you want a better plan to have the life you want and your children need?

Then this is the workbook for you! As a divorced mom of 11 years, life coach and the podcast host of the Divorced Mommy Podcast, I am bringing you real life lessons learned and tactical strategies to help you create a happy, thriving life for you and your kids during and post divorce. Once you are divorced the vow of “til death do you part” still remains. As long as you are both parents, you will be at birthday parties, graduations, weddings and the birth of your grandkids TOGETHER. If you want to figure out HOW to coparent and coexist in peace and happiness through some of life’s most wonderful moments, then you need this workbook.

Did you know the key to your happiness (and your kids’ happiness) is YOU? I love to coach moms on how to have a life vision, self care and love, and practical strategies on how create the life you want.  I decided to package my coaching into a DIY (Do it Yourself) workbook at only the fraction of the price of working with me 1:1!

This workbook has 12 modules and one bonus module. At the end of each module is a self-coaching worksheet for you to work through and apply the strategies in your life immediately and for the long term. The modules include having a life vision, gratitude, managing your thoughts, changing daily habits that are sabotaging your goals, confidence, how to work with your ex and so much more.

Any mom who is divorced, separated or going through a divorce NEEDS this workbook to ensure she is on the right path for both her and her children.

The key to happiness is in within YOU, let’s unlock it together.




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